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It's a free country. Let .stl stand for whatever you desire.

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At 08:01 AM 10/10/01 -0500, Vadim Pikhovich wrote
>STL - stereolithorgaphy (or more commonly, standard) tessellation language.
As pointed out by Lex Lennings, it is from StereoLithography.
I think the definition was added to the 1989 specification revision because
people (probably Doug Mitchell) kept asking 3D, "What does STL stand for?".
Another quote from the Specification:
  "CAD vendors have written interfaces to convert their fully
   surfaced or solid models into a readable format for
   StereoLithography. This readable format is known as
   a StereoLithography file (.STL). The file extension (.STL)
   is optional and may vary among interfaces."

The StereoLithography Interface Specification Oct. 1989 does not even mention
"tessellation" at all. It refers to "facets" and "faceted data" and
"triangle data", and "triangular faceted model"

In any case, calling STL a Language is pushing it. It is a Data format, not
a language.

While some might find it convenient to obscure the origins of the STL file
format, I think it is only fair to give credit where credit is due.

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