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Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 15:01:30 EEST

Magics Communicator Master: discuss products from behind your monitor!

Ann Arbor, October, 12 - Materialise, the industry leading provider of STL
software solutions, presents Magics Communicator Master, the ideal
communication solution for all companies involved in mechanical components.
This conferencing software enables the users to discuss product development
and products from behind their monitor! Magics Communicator Master is a full
solution providing its users with the fastest communication and the most
dedicated tools.

With a Magics Communicator Master, you can communicate with anyone of your
contacts without them needing a license. All they need is a free viewer that
only allows communication with a Master license. An effective way to
establish a direct link between the company and its customers!

Apart from ensuring effective online design review communication and strong
customer relations, Magics Communicator Master significantly reduces the
need to travel. Real-time conferencing using the online mark-up functions,
measurements and annotations can replace most, if not all, travelling to
discuss technical issues. This way you can save a great deal money: the cost
of the transport, the cost of the salesmen who waste time during travelling,
Moreover, the freed time can be used to make extra sales and increase your

Magics Communicator Master is also a real money-saver for the internal
communication at a company. The interaction between different departments -
like sales and work preparation - is optimised by using Magics Communicator.
Internal project discussions can be held on-line and in real-time as
Communicator allows a detailed understanding. “ A company in the RP or RT
sector with multiple sites, gets payback in just a few weeks on his
Communicator Master investment,” says managing director Wilfried Vancraen
based on the extensive experience in the Materialise service division.
The easy-to-master software also enables shop floor people to quickly
extract measurements from the STL file. So quality control is available in

Users of Magics Communicator Master can also save money in other fields like
marketing. You can surprise your contacts with a business gift in the form
of the Magics Communicator free viewer software. When the custom client
software can be downloaded from the web-site of the Communicator Master
user, it certainly won’t be expensive to distribute the free viewers! As the
free viewer software only allows communication with a Master license, an
exclusive link with the customers can be established. This creates a lot of
marketing opportunities.

Questions or remarks? Please visit the company’s website at

For more information, contact:
For the US:
Materialise US, 6111 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor MI48103, phone (734) 662 5057.
Materialise US, 121 Grier Road, Vernon, CT 06066, phone (860) 646 3948.
For Europe: Materialise NV, Technologielaan 15, 3001 Leuven, Belgium, phone
+32 (16) 39 66 11. E-mail:
For Japan: Yokohama Portside Building 2F, 8-1 Sakae-cho-Kanagawa-ku,
Yokohama, phone +81 (45) 44 04 591. E-mail:
For South-East Asia: Unit D6-03 Phileo Damansara 1, No 9 Jln. 16/11, 46350
Petaling Jaya, Malayasia, phone (603) 7765 2966. E-mail:

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