3D portraits / busts,looking for Paul Darwish

From: b.kooijmans@ind.tno.nl
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 16:06:58 EEST

Dear all,
In the Rapid Prototyping Report of June 2001 there was an interesting
article about InYourImage.com. They scan people's heads and reproduce the
busts on their Z-Corp machine.
Can anyone tell me how to get in contact with them?
The website is not there anymore and the phone number is not active anymore,
so he seems to have disappeared. The name I am looking for is Paul Darwish,
and the report mentioned an address in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Who can help me?
Thanks and best regards from a sunny Holland,
Anton Gerrits
a.gerrits@ind.tno.nl <mailto:a.gerrits@ind.tno.nl>

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