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Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 18:07:37 EEST

The "yelling" aspect of all upper case is an issue but not the main problem.
The most compelling reason to not use all upper case is that we humans
recognize words, not just from the letters that form them, but from the
shapes they create. And recognizing these shapes is more tedious when the
words are all in same height blocks. Most of us are in a hurry to read and
comprehend internet related text, and anything that slows that process down,
even by seconds is slightly annoying.
Procyon Co.

> Sorry all for "YELLING". I did indeed have my caps lock on, as I usually
> in my line of work(nc programming).I do not sympathize with any national
> group, only those who suffered from the tragedy.I hope that we can end
> thread soon & I for one will not be posting any more responses to messages
> of this sort.
> The End
> Caleb Walker
> Lead CAD/CAM
> Kreysler & Assoc.
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