3D digitizing

From: Jeff Katz (jeffk@protomarket.com)
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 20:18:16 EEST

Hello RP-MLers,

I have a question about 3D digitizing. I have a client who is having
trouble with the process control on some extrusions. The extrusions are
about 14" long, and are "C" shaped in cross section, so there is only a
narrow opening along the length of the extrusion. There are a couple of
secondary operations; the extrusions have an opening routed out of the
center of the piece, perpendicular to the length. An insert is then
sonicly welded into the opening, and then two endcaps are sonicly welded
onto the ends. We suspect that these secondary operations are causing
deformities which is negatively impacting performance. In order to
properly analyze this, we would like to do comparisons of acceptable and
defective assemblies and compare the two. Questions:

1. What methods can yield accurate internal dimensions when the width of
the opening is smaller than the internal dimension?

2. Once two 3D models have been created, is there a way to overlap the two
and call out the differences using color gradients or some similar method?

3. What type of data is created? Could it be exported to IGES?

Any shops that have relevant capabilities, please contact me directly via
e-mail. Thanks.

Jeff Katz
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