Solidscape / Sanders Owners

From: Steven Adler (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 03:22:30 EEST

Attention Owners of Solidscape
ModelMaker 2, Patternmaster, MM6Pro
or SDI RapidToolmaker
    We have developed a custom alarm system that can be easily added to your prototype machine to notify you that your system is down or that models have completed. The alarm and trigger can be installed without any internal connections and will not compromise daily operations or warranty programs.
    The Auto-Dialer feature accommodates 4 telephone numbers and 1 pager number. The special timer circuit will monitor your milling and vacuum cycles and will notify you if this cycle has not engaged for over 1 hour.

The custom accessory sells for $550.00 plus shipping and can be ordered directly from A3DM. We accept most major credit cards for fast shipment and easy payment.

Steve Adler
Automated 3D Modeling, Inc
Steve Adler
Automated 3D Modeling, Inc


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