New Address

Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 08:21:32 EEST

Dear List!

Almost 9 years in Benefon is coming to an end and I am leaving for a new
job at another location.

Thank you all for the effort you have put in to educate us, the less
devoted members of the list. It has been most interesting following most of
the threads (and flames).

On 1st Nov 2001 I shall start in TEKES a governmental R&D funding agency as
a technology expert for mechanics of electronics. It should include
RP-techniques as well. We'll see.
for more info also in English.

My last day at office here is 19. 10. 2001 and shall be on vocation the
rest of the month. But like all evil, I shall return when I get my new net

No, I shall not move but commute.

Best regards,

Martti Huolila

My new contact details:

Martti Huolila
Technology expert
PL 69
FIN-00101 Helsinki

Tel: +358 10 521 51
Direct: +358 10 521 5511
Fax: +358 10 521 5904
Mobile: +358 50 55 77 511

Mobile: +358 400 953 862 Privat

Email: Privat

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