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Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 14:19:41 EEST


our VisCAM RP software contains a specific module to support 3D colour
printing. The VisCAM Solid Painter module can convert coloured 3DS files
to coloured STL files and also supports colour handling for VRML, PLY
and ZCP files. All colour information can be viewed, changed and
manipulated in an extensive way.

VisCAM RP is a new software product series for Rapid Prototyping
applications like stereolithography, laser sintering or colour printing.
The system can assist you in all data preparation steps needed to
prepare your CAD/CAM models for your Rapid Prototyping application. This
includes viewing, verification, measuring, repair and manipulation of
surface, facet and slice data as well as build preparation steps like
part placement, slicing, hatching or support generation. VisCAM RP
consists of individual modules for these separate processing steps which
can be combined pursuant to your own needs and infrastructures.

Please have a look at our website to get more
information about VisCAM RP and to download a 30days trial version.

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Chris Sutcliffe schrieb:

> Dear List Second time round for this one!Does anyone know of a package > which will convert a colour 3D studio file to colour STL fileBest > regardsChrisDr. Chris Sutcliffe > Rapid and Micro Manufacturing Research > The University of Liverpool > Department of Engineering > Ashton Building > Brownlow Hill > Liverpool > L69 3GL > > Tel. (0151) 794 4316 > Fax. (0151) 794 4675 > Mobile (0151) 794 7729 > > Email > URL

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