FW: RPML Posting

From: Ritter, Tammy (US EL) (tammy.ritter@vantico.com)
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 18:46:01 EEST

> To the Stereolithography Community:
> Last week, Vantico mailed a series of communications to many of
> you concerning our decision to sell SL resins directly to the
> end-users. The mailing included two press releases, a briefing
> document with FAQ's and an introductory letter. If you did not
> receive this initial mailing and wish to get it, would North American
> users please e-mail us at tammy.ritter@vantico.com with your name,
> company name, mailing address and phone number, or phone 517-333-1325.
> European and other customers please e-mail us at
> andrew.chantrill@vantico.com, or phone +44-777-5570010.
> We will be happy to send you this recent communication and add
> you to the list for further messages, which we anticipate sending at
> least monthly.
> Respectfully,
> The Vantico SL Team

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