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Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 14:03:02 EEST

Hello Jeff,

we have an application note regarding quality control of blow molds, at

Please keep us or Rick White ( informed if
we can be of help.

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Jeff Katz wrote:
> Hello RP-MLers,
> I have a question about 3D digitizing. I have a client who is having
> trouble with the process control on some extrusions. The extrusions are
> about 14" long, and are "C" shaped in cross section, so there is only a
> narrow opening along the length of the extrusion. There are a couple of
> secondary operations; the extrusions have an opening routed out of the
> center of the piece, perpendicular to the length. An insert is then
> sonicly welded into the opening, and then two endcaps are sonicly welded
> onto the ends. We suspect that these secondary operations are causing
> deformities which is negatively impacting performance. In order to
> properly analyze this, we would like to do comparisons of acceptable and
> defective assemblies and compare the two. Questions:
> 1. What methods can yield accurate internal dimensions when the width of
> the opening is smaller than the internal dimension?
> 2. Once two 3D models have been created, is there a way to overlap the two
> and call out the differences using color gradients or some similar method?
> 3. What type of data is created? Could it be exported to IGES?
> Any shops that have relevant capabilities, please contact me directly via
> e-mail. Thanks.
> Jeff Katz
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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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