problem on DTM's Sintersation 2000 system.

From: ARJUN (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 17:33:50 EEST

Hello rp-ml user group,

We are facing some problem on DTM's Sintersation 2000 system.

when we try to create build setup it is poping up a message winodw " is currently using build setup, you can not run a second build setup" we are unable go into build setup window

Action taken: 1. Shut down the machine and reboot system
                    2. Deleted all build log files
                    3. Re-Installed sintersation all system & material config. software pacakge

After doing all these, still we r getting above message. We r still running on UNIX based programs. please suggest, if any body knows how to rectify this problem.



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