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From: Glen Young (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 21:11:03 EEST


Magics from Materialise does this quite well. Magics can use any Windows font and place it on or subtract it from existing geometry.

The problem with some programs is converting a "raster" logo, or scanned image, to a "vector" CAD file. I have a program that was purchased just for that reason. VisualCADD from IMSI. When they bought the company from Corel, they got the raster to vector program that Corel bundled with it. (Corel bought the company out first, wich was started after AutoDesk flushed the Generic Cadd product after buying it. The employees started it up again as "VisualCADD"
and ported to Windows. Not a bad 2D product.

So, with Magics, lettering can be added. And with some simple CAD programs, logos can be "extruded". Visual CADD is $495. To extrude it you would need 3D Cad, or a CAM program that can do the same. We use MasterCam and PowerMill, but we also have a program called MillWrite that does engraving and logos. Another powerful little program that's about the price of VisualCadd.

If you send the 2D files to a service bureau making RP parts, they can probably do the extruding for you.

Glen Young

>>> Dale Rosema <> 10/25/01 12:08PM >>>
I am looking for a way to have lettering done to put on a sample
prototype part. Are there any software programs for "extruding" logos
and lettering? Thanks in advance.
Dale Rosema
IHS Prototyping

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