Waterproofing SL part

From: Geir Gu­mundsson (geir@iti.is)
Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 16:21:41 EEST

Dear list members,

I am looking for a method to make a SLA part waterproof.
The part is perforated with holes 1 mm in diameter and 5 ? 10 mm deep.
The part will be submerged in water to a pressure of 0,5 bar.
Water will flow through the holes and every 4 sec. the part will be lifted
out of the water. This process will continue around the clock for 2 years.
It is important that the part holds it strength and form during this test.

Do you know of any method or coating to make the surface of the part
and the surface of the small holes, waterproof? I am particularly
concern about the surface inside the hole, as lots of coatings have to
high viscosity to penetrate into the holes without blocking them.

Do you think resin like SL 5210 or any other "water-resistant" resin
could be used in this case without coating. That would of course be
the best solution.

Thanks in advance

Mr. Geir Gudmundsson
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