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Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 19:57:51 EET


Its a fair cop. Yes I am involved in Edward Mackenzie and have been for some
years. However, the wonders of modern technology (namely Outlook) do not
allow my to change the affiliation in my emails that easily. Hence, i tend
to read RPML using my day-time PC.

I could like many other before me, blatantly plug my business interests
through RPML. However, i don't suppose many of the users of this list are
particularly interested in an inter-trading network of 200 engineering
companies using a shared e-commerce platform. Then again if your are do

In answer to Marshal's question. Edward Mackenzie was formed by myself and
Dr Richard Hague after completing our respective PhDs at Nottingham
university in 1997. My own work being in the use and application of SL in
down stream processes (including RM.) an area I have worked in since 1993.
Dr Hague, who now manages the Rapid Manufacturing Consortium with Phill
Dickens at Loughborough is one of the Patent Holders for Quickcast 2 and has
almost a decade of experience in the research and application of RP.

Now if that's not a shameless plug, i don't know what is.

Thanks Marshall for asking who we are

Many thanks


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