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From: Brian Cameron (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 18:00:07 EET

Hello Dave.

We moved our SLA-250 one time. We had a field engineer from 3D Systems in to do the move. He shut the machine down and moved it in one day. When the machine was in its new home, he recalibrated the entire setup. We did not have any problems related to the move. The engineers biggest concern was that the machine would fall out of alignment from the move. That is why he recalibrated it after the move. I hope this helps.

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>>> "Dave Burbrink" <> 11/09/01 10:18AM >>>
We want to move our SLA-250. We can easily move it where we need to. But we are concerned that we may not be able to get to run properly. Has anyone moved an SLA? What problems should we be aware of?

Thanks in advance.

Dave B

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