RE: vacformable Graphite-look material

From: Henry Sommer (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 05:28:58 EET

By Graphite I assume you want a fake carbon fibber fabric appearance not
just a gray color.

Try Avery Dennison

Alot of people like Kurz, or colorworks could decorate it after forming.

A printer like Donprint or Serigraph could print the sheet before you form

I have heard some people are thermo forming real carbon fiber.

Let me know what you decide.

Henry Sommer

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  Does anyone know of a manufacturer that has a vacformable Abs type
material with a grahite fiber look?
  Doug Groh

  Ben May wrote:

    Good day RP people

    Does anyone know of an independent matrix of generic adhesives showing
in particular the best adhesives for various combinations of dissimilar

    My apologies if this question seems a little off topic but as the
manager of a modelshop I find that my advice is increasingly sought
regarding non-mechanical fixturing and currently I have to rely on
experience and best guessing when really I'd like to be a little more
scientific in my approach.

    I look forward to your suggestions for a sticky selector!

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