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From: ibrahim kalif (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 21:10:11 EET

Plot 33 Nicholas Crescent, V/I.
   The purpose of this proposal is not to bring any
embarrassment to you as we have never met, but to
seek your utmost understanding and assistance in the
issue I am about to explain to you in this mail.
  As you can see above, my name is ibrahim kalif, and
am the principal of the above named law firm here in
Lagos Nigeria.
  You see!, I have an issue of a very sensitive
circumstance which I wish to confide to you.
  One of my clients, and ofcourse, my major client who
happens to be the chief security officer {CSO} to the
late military dictator of the nation {Gen. Sani
Abacha} who died on july 1998 on active service as the
then head of state, his name Hamza Al-Mustapha called
to confide an issue to me.
  Al-Mustapha is presently detained for charges of
acute human right violations, and embezzlement of
publc fund leveled against him and the son of the late
General {His Master}.
  An inner house information has revealed that the duo
are likely to face life imprisonment for the charges
against them which they are likely to be convicted
  My client Al-Mustapha got this information some how
and called to brief me of a security trunk which he
deposited with a trust company here in Nigeria before
his demise.
  According to him, the trunk contains the cash sum of
US$35,000,000 which the trust company does not know
about yet, as it was declared as family's jewelries
and personal documents. Also according to him,security
measures were taken to disguise the content of the
trunk so that no one knows exactly what is inside. He
said he stocked the bills in disguise for negative
papers which he said are for some security photographs
taken at the presidential villa.
  Now that his chances of being set free from the
allegations against him are rare, he called me to
assist him in securing the the fund, which ofcourse is
the only hope of the family{His two wives, and nine
  After much deliberation however, I managed to
convince him to endorse a change of beneficiary for
the deposited trunk,this will enable the new
beneficiary put an application for withdrawal of the
  In the light of this, I decided to contact you to
assist us in this transaction.
  The plan is to changr the beneficiary of the
consignment into your name, forward you with all the
necessary documents to this effect and have you
contact the trust company for withdrawal of the trunk
as the new/legal beneficiary.
  You will request that the consignment be deliverred
to you at your nominated destination. After proper
identification and verification as the new legal
beneficiary, the company will release the consignment
to you. The company may also take care of handling of
the consignment until it is deliverred at your domain
or any of your nominated destination, as you may
  My client lost almost a hundred million US dollars,
frozen in swiss banks and in different personal
accounts on the instruction of the present deomacratic
government of the fedral republic of Nigeria.
  The plan to move this fund out of the country was
informed by a joint decission by the family of my
client to invest this money abroad, probably into
commercial real estate, at least to shelter their
  Having gone through this explanation, and
considering the fate of this family he is about to
leave behind, I ask a simple question:
  Should my client suffer for offences allegedly
committed by him master?, should even his family be
left, abandoned and even refused to be heard, by a
government which is prosecuting their sole bread
winner for human right violations?
  To freeze an account of a fulltime house wife who
never knew anything in the government, yet denied the
basic requirements of life is a crime to humanity, and
human rights violation at its peak. Yet my client's
family is presently denied of telephone access etc,
hence dening them the freedom of communication and
  It is for this reason that I sincerely solicit your
utmost assitance to move this fund into your care
abroad, on behalf of the family for safe keeping,
subject to when they are ready to manage the fund.
  It is also expected that you will represent this
family in brokering the purchase of luable/profitable
proprties in your country or the neighbouring, so they
can always fall back to these properties when the heat
on the family reduces.
  My client has also resolved to reward you hansomely
with 5% of the total amount on the sucessful
conclussion of each transaction. I shall also be 100%
available to provide you with the necessary
assistance and guidelines you may require on the
course of this transaction.I have just entrusted the
details of this fund and the fate of this helpless
family into your conscience for safe keeping. I also
hope to have offerred you a great opportunity to make
yourself some good money, I believe I have.
  Should the above transaction appeal to you
therefore, I hereby urge you to mail me your response
immediately for further details on immediate
commencement of this transaction.
  You will also be doing us a lot of good to guide
this information with immense confidentiality, even if
this transaction does not appeal to you.
  Please send copy of your reply to
  Hoping to hear from you soon.
  Kind regards,
  ibrahim kalif.

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