Milling machine question

From: Rob Holmes (
Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 15:37:37 EET

Hello all,

I am considering the purchase of a small
CNC milling machine, a MaxNC 10 to be exact.

I know little about the machines however,
and would like to find out for sure whether
it will do what I need before buying it. I
have never used a milling machine before.

I make very small detailed models which I want
to reproduce in different scales, but I wonder
if the machine can handle the detail. So my
question is, if I used the finest, smallest
bit/head/gubbins/or whatever it is called and
were not concerned with how long it took, how
fine of detail could it reproduce?

Could it reproduce that thing the eagle is
holding in it's claws on the back of a US quarter
perfectly for instance? Or it's feathers? That's
about the level of detail I need.

I would greatly appreciate
any info. I am posting here to get the straight
info from people who are not trying to sell me a
machine, I already have a dealer. If anyone
cares to comment please send me a CC to my
email address, as I do not read the list

Thanks a lot,
Rob Holmes

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