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Welcome to suse-security@suse.com!

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Please read the following before posting. As with any mailing list
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days before posting. Also, please check Peter Nixon's excellent
unofficial SuSE security FAQ, http://www.susesecurity.com, before

----Some Frequently Asked, Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the suse-security mailing list?
A1. suse-security is a list for discussions about security and SuSE Linux.
     It is *not* a replacement for bugtraq.

Q2. What is appropriate content for the list?
A2. Information and discussions about OS or network security as it
     relates to SuSE Linux and discussions about recent SuSE security
     advisories are common topics.

Q3. What is not appropriate content for the list?
A3. Commercial postings of any kind, job postings, non-computer/Linux
     related material. Likewise, new exploits that you may have
     discovered should be sent to security@suse.de and not this list.
     Please, please read one of the many security FAQs before posting
     a question--asking questions like "Does anyone know where I can
     find a list of known-ports?" or How do I create a Linux firewall?"
     will most likely result flames.

Q4. How can I retrieve the FAQ?
A4. Send an email to suse-security-faq@suse.com.

Q5. Can I send attachments to the list?
A5. The short answer is 'no', you can't but see the FAQ more details.

Q6. Are there archives of the list?
A6. Yes, http://lists.suse.com/archive/suse-security/
     Currently, they are not searchable.

Q7. Why do my replies go to the original poster and not the list?
A7. There is a more complete answer in FAQ, but the short answer
     is that it's better this way. Trust us on this one, please.

Q8. Can I get the list digest form?
A8. Not from us. There's a much more complete discussion about
     this in the FAQ as well.

Q9. How do I pause deliveries from the list while I'm on vacation?
A9. You unsubscribe before you leave and resubscribe when you return.

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