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Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 09:51:46 EET

Even In These Times Of Economic Uncertainty, There Is A Science
Of Getting Rich

            Do you know that there is a secret to accumulating
your personal wealth? It is an exact science, like algebra and
arithmetic. Certain laws govern the process of getting rich.
Once a person obeys these laws, the person will get rich with
mathematical certainty.

                The secret is NOT about investing in stocks,
property or precious metal, nor working in a second job!

The secret is that you have been born with it – it’s already
sitting inside you. You are just not aware of it yet. In The
Science Of Getting Rich seminar, we will provide you with the
tools to unleash this extraordinary power within you where you
can act on it immediately.

We would like to invite you to a special “Invitation Only”,
90-minute Preview on Tuesday 11 December 2001, from 6.30-8.00pm,
at Hotel Rendezvous, so you can gain a useful insight into the
effectiveness of the Science Of Getting Rich in helping you live
the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of and truly deserved.

                The speakers for this special Preview are:

Mr Enrique Tsou. Enrique is the Managing Director of a Spanish
Multinational Corporation in Singapore. Enrique has a thirst
for knowledge & a passion for sharing. He has undergone
numerous courses/programmes on “Bullet Proof Manager Training”,
“Business School for Entrepreneurs”, “Online Investors’
Advantage”, “Avatar (Self-Development)”, and many more. His
latest educational achievement was going all the way USA to
pursue BOB PROCTOR’S programmes: “The Science of Getting Rich” &
“The Goal Achiever”.

Mr. Clinton Lim. Passion for the mind as the greatest power of
all creation, drove Mr. Lim all the way to Las Vegas to obtain
the secret to the Science Of Getting Rich and certification by
Bob Proctor, world renowned author and authority on the mind.
Mr. Lim is also a Buzan Licensed Instructor and founder-director
of Brainwave Seminars and The Learning Brain, specializing in
teaching Mental Literacy, Thinking & Learning strategies to
executives, managers, students, parents and educators.

                This 90-minutes preview alone will give you
enough knowledge on how you can make some positive changes in
your life immediately, so register NOW! For enquiries, please
call 3455288 or fax: 4425898 or e-mail:

q Yes! I’ll be attending the FREE 90-Minute Preview for
The Science of Getting Rich on Tuesday 11 December 2001, from
6.30-8.00pm, at Hotel Rendezvous

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