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Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 16:43:45 EET

At 06:18 AM 11/21/2001 -0600, Steven Pollack wrote:
>So is anyone working on direct metal RP for gold and platinum? Direct
>manufacturing of jewelry is attractive for many reasons. One being the
>immediacy of delivery for custom jewelry. The build space would only
>need to be 4"(X) x 4"(Y) x 2"(Z) to cover 99% of jewelry. The potential
>U.S. market for such a machine would include 35,000 retail jewelry
>stores all with custom jewelry needs.

Steven and all,

I found this to be an interesting development........

Selective silver and solder plating using an ink jet printing system
Manako, Takahiro;);Maruo, Satoshi;Kaifu, Masaharu;Ishikawa, Shin;Yamada,
Takayoshi;Yokooka, Michio; Source: R&D: Research and Development Kobe Steel
Engineering Reports, v 48, n 3, Dec, 1998, p 17-20 Publisher: Kobe Steel
Ltd, Kobe, Japan ISSN: 0373-8868 CODEN: RDKSB9 In Japanese
Abstract: Selective silver and solder plating is an important pre-plating
method for semiconductor leadframes. An ink jet printing system was
successfully used to resist mask the leadframe for selective plating. A BTA
aqueous solution was developed (as a new peeling solvent) to replace the
conventionally used organochloride solvent which is highly toxic.

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