RP Technologies in Medicine, medical devices, and in general in biomaterials

From: Perez Perez Miguel Angel (MPerez@inasmet.es)
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 09:03:48 EET

I would like to thank everybody who took some time to respond to my
Thank you for many kind and good information.
Enclosed is a copy of the compiled responses received.

                 Miguel Angel P=E9rez
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Dear All:

We are doing a prospective study about the employment and the
developments taking place in the use of RP Technologies in Medicine,
medical devices, and in general in biomaterials. If any of you is
WORKING in this subjects (or doing RESEARCH for new RP related
developments in medicine and biomat) we would like to include your
reference in the study. We cannot offer you a copy of the report (it is
paid by the Sanitary local institution, so they are the owners), but we
will post in this forum the compiled responses received.



Estiamdo Miguel,

por favor revisar nuestra "homepage" www.envisiontec.de=20


Hendrik John
Gesch=E4ftsf=FChrung / General Management

imagination, creation, dimension, ...
                                ... it could be the solution

Envision Technologies GmbH - Computer Aided Modeling Devices
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Mr. Perez Perez Miguel Angel,
I am very much happy after watching such type of mail in the list
please include my name in this reference "Manak Lal Jain" I am doing my
P.hD. at IIT Kanpur (India) and my area of working is RP application to
Biomedical engineering and presently I am in a process of completing the
cource work for the needful.
I am also requesting to you that please mail me a copy of all such
related mail after collecting it which will be helpful for me .
Thanking you=20
mljain.-- mljain@lycos.com


Dear Sir:

Take a look at our site:

 <A HREF=3D"http://home.att.net/~castleisland/">Worldwide Guide to Rapid =


You will find an extensive directory of medically related RP materials
and a=20
huge bibliography that you can search, as well.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02474 USA
781-646-6280 (voice or fax)
EdGrenda@aol.com (email)


Here is a list of the publications from our group on the manufacturing
application of implants made by RP technologies. I hope it is useful to

1. T-M. G. Chu, D.G. Orton, J.W. Halloran, S.J. Hollister, S.E.
=B3Mechanical and in vivo performance of hydroxyapatite implants
controlled internal architecture=B2 Biomaterials (in press)
2. T-M. G. Chu, J.W. Halloran, S.J. Hollister, S.E. Feinberg,
=B3Hydroxyapatite implants with controlled internal architecture=B2 =
Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 12 (2001) p.471-478
3. T-M. G. Chu, S.J. Hollister, J.W. Halloran, S.E. Feinberg, D.G.
=B3Manufacturing and Characterization of 3D Hydroxyapatite Bone Tissue
Engineering Scaffolds=B2 Annuals of New York Academy of Science (in =
4. S.E. Feinberg, S.J. Hollister, J.W. Halloran, T.M.G. Chu, and P.H.
Krebsbach, =B3Image-Based Biomimetic approach to reconstruction of the
temporomandibular joint=B2 Cells Tissues Organs 163 (2001) p.309-321
5. S.J. Hollister, T.M. Chu, J.W. Halloran, and S.E. Feinberg, =B3Design
Manufacture of Bone Replacement Scaffolds=B2, in Bone Mechanics, Stephen
Cowin, Ed., CRC Press, p.36-1 - 36-14, 2001
6. S.J. Hollister, T.M. Chu, R.A. Levy, J.W. Halloran, and S.E.
=B3An Image-Based Approach for Designing and Manufacturing Craniofacial
Scaffolds=B2 International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 29
7. S.E. Feinberg, S.J. Hollister, J.W. Halloran, T.M. Chu, and P.H.
Krebsbach, =B3Role of biomimetics in reconstruction of the
joint=B2 in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America., =
No.1, Feb. 2000 issue on Total Temporomandibular Joint Reconstruction,
William C. Donlon, Ed., W.B. Saundrs Company, p.149-160, 2000
8. S.J. Hollister, T.M. Chu, R.E. Guldberg, P.K. Zysset, R.A. Levy, J.W.
Halloran, S.E. Feinberg, =B3Image based design and manufacture of
for bone reconstruction=B2, in IUTAM Synthesis in Biosolid Mechanics,
Pedersen, P. and Bendsoe, M. Eds., Kluwer Press, p 163-174, 1999
9. R. Levy, T.M. Chu, J.W. Halloran, S.E. Feinberg, and S. Hollister,
=B3CT-Generated Porous Hydroxyapatite Orbital Floor Prosthesis as a
Bioimplant=B2 American Journal of Neuroradiology AJNR 18 (1997) p.
10. T.M. Chu and J.W. Halloran, =B3Hydroxyapatite suspension for implant
fabrication by Stereolithography=B2 Ceramic Transactions Vol. 75: Case
in Ceramic Product Development, Manufacturing, and Commercialization,
A. Ghosh, R.E. Barks, and B. Hiremath, American Ceramic Society,
Westerville, OH. p. 119-125, 1997
11. S.J. Hollister, R.A. Levy, T.M. Chu, J.W. Halloran, =B3Design and
manufacture of an orbital floor scaffold using image processing and
prototyping=B2 in Vol.35 Proceedings of the 1997 Bioengineering
Sunriver, OR, USA. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York,
p. 391-392, 1997
12. T.M. Chu, W.C. Wagner, and J.W. Halloran, =B3Ultraviolet curing of
highly-loaded hydroxyapatite suspension=B2 Ceramic Transactions Vol. 63:
Bioceramics: Materials and Applications II, American Ceramic Society,
Cincinnati, p. 57-66, 1996
13. M.L. Griffith, T.M. Chu, W.C. Wagner, and J.W. Halloran, "Ceramic
Stereolithography for Investment Casting and Biomedical Applications" in
Proceedings of the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (Austin, TX,
1995). Edited by H.L. Marcus, J.J. Beaman, D.L. Bourell, J.W. Barlow,
R.H. Crawford. The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX. p. 31-36,

Tien-Min Gabriel Chu ctmin@engin.umich.edu
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Michigan


Dear MR Perez,

We here at SIRIM Rapid Prototyping Services have just started this year
venturing into the field of medical Model building using our SLA
We have todate produce 2 skulls for maxilio facial surgery and 1 full
for the local medical univeristy as a demo set.

We are hoping to see this industry grow.

We hope we could be of help and share common information.

Thank you
Victor Victor a/l S Devadass [victor_devadass@sirim.my]

Dear Miguel,
We are involved in RP for medicine. I will finish my PhD thesis very
soon (in fact I have to finish it for the end of this month). It
concerns new biodegradable implants for lumbar fusion. We have made some
=AB weight -bearing =BB macroporous scaffold with controlled porosity in =
using an inkjet method. These implants are made out of hydroxyapatite
cement. We published a paper on these cements (fabrication protocol and
characterization methodology that can be used with anisotropic
3D-controlled scaffold) ( !!! not the well-known non-degradable
hydroxyapatite sintered ceramic) :=20
Charri=E8re E., Terrazzoni S., Pittet C., Mordasini P., Dutoit M.,
Lema=EEtre J., Zysset P.K. Mechanical characterization of brushite and
hydroxyapatite cements Biomaterials 2001;22(21):2937-2945
Eric Charri=E8re eric.charriere@urbanet.ch
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Dear Mr. Perez,=20
you also should check Invisalign's process of building teeth braces
(<http://www.invisalign.com/>: SLA moulds and vacuum casted appliances)
and Materialise's process of builin drilling guides via SLA for dental
implants (<http://www.materialise.be/>, look for SurgiCase). Beside
that, several dental companies use similar processes (scanning, modeling
and automated, custom-made manufacturing) by finally CNC milling
ceramics. You might check Sirona, 3M/ESPE, Nobel Biocare, Degussa, or
DCS Dental.=20
I would be very interested in the outcome of your research.=20
Regards, Hans =20
 Hans Hessel [hans.hessel@phonak.ch]

Dear Miguel,
We have been working commercially and conducting internationally
research into the application of Rapid Prototyping in medicine for the
three years. We can be contacted at the address below.
We would welcome approaches for commercial or research collaboration
across Europe.
kind regards,
Bibb, Richard (PDR) [RBibb-pdr@uwic.ac.uk]


Dear Miguel Angel P=E9rez,

to get a good overview about the application of RPT in Medicine I=20
can strongly recommend you come to the PHIDIAS Global=20
Workshop which is held in conjunction with CAS 2001 (computer=20
assited surgery and rapid prototyping in medicine) in Nuremberg=20

This workshop will give you up to the minute information on RPT in=20
medicne including latest developments. Details can be found at=20

One more thing I should mention is that the workshop will start=20
this thursday, so you need to hurry.

Looking forward to see you in Nuremberg

Joerg Schneider Joerg Schneider [joerg@imp.uni-erlangen.de]


Dear Miguel
Please check out our Web site for details of our Biojoints and Vascular
Phantoms Programs.
Best regards

Dr. Chris Sutcliffe=20
Rapid and Micro Manufacturing Research=20
The University of Liverpool=20
Department of Engineering=20
Ashton Building=20
Brownlow Hill=20
L69 3GL=20

Tel. (0151) 794 4316=20
Fax. (0151) 794 4675=20
Mobile (0151) 794 7729=20

Email c.j.sutcliffe@liv.ac.uk=20
URL http://rat.liv.ac.uk


Dear Mr. P=E9rez

Brainstorming, Medical Engineering Services Lda, is a Portuguese company
leader in the medical applications of the RP techniques. We are a
multidisciplinary team (3 mechanical engineers, 1 radiologist and a
maxillofacial surgeon) aiming to produce STL medical models for
surgical rehearsal, custom implants production and surgical guides.

Any further questions feel free to contact us.
Best Regards,
Fernando Certo Sim=F5es - Medical Application Engineer
BrainStorming, Servi=E7os de Engenharia M=E9dica Lda
Rua Padre Francisco Figueira 4 R/C =20
2795-815 Queijas

Tel.: (+351)21 4160194
Fax.: (+351)21 4241809


For more information about the rp-ml, see http://rapid.lpt.fi/rp-ml/

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