2D DRAWINGS FROM STL & MORE: The new FlashTL Engineer!!

From: Jeroen van den Hout (prototyping@ind.tno.nl)
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 14:21:28 EET

2D Drawings on STL, STL Manipulation, STL Painting & More
TNO Releases FlashTL Engineer™ 2.1!

Fully functional demo available at: www.flashTL.com
Registration for only € 99,-

TNO Industrial Prototyping introduces their new FlashTL Technology with
the release of FlashTL Engineer™ 2.1.
FlashTL Technology has been developed as a base for future Prototyping,
Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing developments by TNO Industrial
Prototyping and Partners.
FlashTL Engineer™ is the first commercial package which enables the user
to create full ISO 2D drawings from STL models, including drawing
borders, title block, ISO-scales and measurements. Using this
technology, STL based Prototyping, Tooling and Manufacturing can finally
be fully deployed in model- and tool shop environments.

FlashTL Engineer™ 2.1 provides the following features:
  -2D ISO Drawings from STL
  -STL Splitting using Patented Intelligent Triangle Selection.
  -STL Slicing to DXF
  -STL Editing
  -STL Analyzing
  -STL Reduction
  -STL Painting

A registered version can be purchased for only € 99,-
A demo version of FlashTL Engineer™ 2.1 is available at:

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://rapid.lpt.fi/rp-ml/

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