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The management mantra during tough times. Not a bad idea. Use the
telephone and save on travel and entertainment expenses. Sound Good?

What is wrong with this picture? Why does it often backfire on the
salesperson and the company?

The first reason is call reluctance. Most salespeople do not like
making prospecting calls, especially on the telephone. It weighs
400 pounds and there is rejection waiting on the other end of the line.

If it is a cold call, they will not work. They are less effective than
direct mail, which isn't very effective.

The second reason is voice mail. Most salespeople do not have effective
voice mail strategies. The result is failure, which reinforces call reluctance.

Join us and learn how to effectively prospect, create warm calls that
are well received and learn effective voice mail strategies. Learn how to
communicate like your prospect and have real sales success.

Make more effective sales calls is the correct mantra! More calls will work
if the fear is eliminated.

"Curing the Common Cold Call" is the remedy you are seeking!

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It's a painless way to improve your business.

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