Maxum Vs Titan, Prodigy Vs Genisys Xs

Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 20:43:32 EET

hi everyone,
I am an undergraduate, currently undertaking a project involving RP. I
do have some doubts on the selection of Stratasys's Prodigy and Genisys
Xs systems.
1. As the price for Prodigy is relatively higher than Genisys Xs, $66
500 and $45 000 respectively, does it really justify in paying the extra
$21 500 in getting a system, of the same build volume but having ability
to fabricate ABS prototypes?
similiarly, for Maxum and Titan, priced at $290 000 and $200 000
respectively, does it justify in paying the extra $90 000 to purchase a
system with a larger build volume over the other?
2. What is the distinguish features between Prodigy and Genisys, Maxum
and Titan??
3. what other major considerations are taken into consideration when
selecting one system over the other??
Hope my doubts will be clarified. Thank you.
Undergraduate (Nanyang Technological University)

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