Prototech Engineering Offers WaterClear Prototypes

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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 20:15:48 EET

Prototech Engineering Offers WaterClear Prototypes

Willowbrook, IL., December 11, 2001 – Prototech Engineering, Inc. today
announced the availability of clear stereolithography prototypes made
from Somos 10120 WaterClear resin.

“Our clients are delighted with the clarity and durability of the
prototypes made from this material,” said Bobby Bishop Jr., VP
Engineering and Technology. “With tensile strength similar to ABS and
impact strength similar to Nylon 66, WaterClear is ideal for any
situation where robust, clear prototypes are desirable.”

WaterClear prototypes have the optical clarity of polycarbonate and may
be dyed in a wide variety of colors. Typical applications include engine
components, power tools, light pipes, bottles, clear containers, lenses
and applications where the visualization of internal components is

“With this new material, we can deliver clear prototypes in a fraction
of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of using soft or hard
tooling,” said Tim Bush, Executive Vice President at Prototech
Engineering. “In addition to its clarity, WaterClear is an excellent
general-purpose resin with outstanding mechanical properties. It's the
perfect complement to our existing line of rigid, flexible, and
semi-flexible resins.”

For further information about stereolithography prototypes made from
clear, flexible, rigid or semi-flexible material; contact Prototech
Engineering, Inc. at 630-920-0370

About Prototech Engineering, Inc.

Prototech Engineering, Inc. is one of the world's first and most
experienced prototyping service bureaus. Every year, Prototech makes
thousands of form, fit and function prototypes for hundreds of engineers
and designers worldwide.

Prototech’s services include: solid modeling, stereolithography, rubber
molding, urethane casting, CNC machining, prototype tooling, injection
molding, decorating, and pad printing. For additional information, visit
the company's web site at: or call

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