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Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 16:02:52 EET

Dear All

You might also want to check out Trumph lasers (I can't find their contact
details at the moment) but they do a combined press and laser cutting system
which greatly impressed me when I visited their facility last year.

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  Hi Gert,

  You might want to check out Baltec. They make a multipurpose
  machine that will punch, notch, contour, and bend flat stock material.
  They claim to have quick set up times and rapid turn around times for
  that are simple or complex.

  Hope this helps.

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  Hello all,

  Does anyone have any information on rapid prototyping for sheet metal?
With this I mean making sheet metal sheets into products and not the layer
based technology so frequently used in RP.


  Gert Mensing

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