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Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 00:34:39 EET

Like most of us, I've been evaluating, implementing and using rp systems for
many years. I have yet to find a really good tool to evaluate systems based
on a specific companies systems. I think we must all agree that rp doesn't
exist in a vacuum and that every company/site/user adds their own dimensions
to the process of selecting a system.

I've used a scoring spreadsheet in the past (using a method that I believe
was developed by the Kepner-Tregoe consulting group) and would like to know
if the rp-ml is interested in building on the one I've started or creating
one from scratch. I am sure the users ,academia and vendors would benefit
from something like this.

The deal is .... 1. we all have to participate and then we all benefit.
                  2. there are no secret formulae included that embody any
proprietary knowledge base.
                      3. we use the rp-ml as the vehicle for accomplishing
the task unless 'rapid dude' says no.
                      4. there are no bad ideas.
                  5. this is a horse we are all going to ride. I don't want
to end up with a camel. (allusions to an old story about a camel being a
horse designed by a committee).
A tool that delivers visibility and understanding to the decision making
process is the goal.

What do we think?

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"the big secret is.... there are no secrets"

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