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Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 21:35:48 EET

Hi Paul and list,

        Great topic "Stone Soup". This is and can be a valuable tool to the
user community. I say "is" because we have multiple Leading Edge
Technologies in-house and one of the internal hurdles we faced was how to
educate the user community so that they could decide which RP process would
best fit their needs.
        We accomplished this by creating our own in-house RP matrix which,
at a glance, helps the user decide which process may benefit them most.
Again this is a personalized tool we use in-house so it is fairly simple and
straight forward. On a global scale this concept could work, but it would
be much more complex.
       Keep in mind that the purpose here is to assist the user in their
search of determining which RP process may help them the most. Over the
years we have seen many attempts to tackle this type of issue with mixed
results. The trick here is that this cannot be an advertisement tool but
rather a user application tool. This may be difficult to do given that
there are so many options available and perhaps as many special interests.
However, I think it can be done. Sometimes the right STONE is all it takes.
By the way, anybody got any pepper?

Have a great Holiday Season,

Paul A. Hanna
Engineering / Rapid Prototyping
Cessna Aircraft Company

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Hi Ken/List,

The purpose of this tool is to assist the user in selecting from among a
list of potential vendors / systems that have already been identified as
having at least some capability of meeting a set of criteria that the use
has determined are important to them. The tool could assist a company in
defining what is important to their specific needs, as others have talked
about in other recent postings ( see Larry Blasch, and Alain Bernard's

Selecting the list of systems to be evaluated is the job of the user, not
this tool. Perhaps the list would like to work on a tool to generate a short
list of processes to be evaluated using the criteria Prof. Bernard and Mr.
Blasch have initiated.

Best to all, Happy Holidays,
Paul Finelt

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> Hi Paul,
> Please consider CAMmatic's RP technology in your comparisons. We have
> custom software and materials that when coupled with an existing CNC
> milling
> machine provides RP capability without having to purchase specialized
> capital
> equipment. Also consider machining tolerances, machine robustness,
> material
> capabilities, speed, set up and training time and etc.
> Please visit our web site for more details.
> Thanks.
> Ken Richardson
> CAMmatic, Inc.
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> > Like most of us, I've been evaluating, implementing and using rp systems
> for
> > many years. I have yet to find a really good tool to evaluate systems
> based
> > on a specific companies systems. I think we must all agree that rp
> doesn't
> > exist in a vacuum and that every company/site/user adds their own
> dimensions
> > to the process of selecting a system.
> >
> > I've used a scoring spreadsheet in the past (using a method that I
> believe
> > was developed by the Kepner-Tregoe consulting group) and would like to
> know
> > if the rp-ml is interested in building on the one I've started or
> creating
> > one from scratch. I am sure the users ,academia and vendors would
> benefit
> > from something like this.
> >
> > The deal is .... 1. we all have to participate and then we all benefit.
> > 2. there are no secret formulae included that embody any
> > proprietary knowledge base.
> > 3. we use the rp-ml as the vehicle for
> accomplishing
> > the task unless 'rapid dude' says no.
> > 4. there are no bad ideas.
> > 5. this is a horse we are all going to ride. I don't want
> > to end up with a camel. (allusions to an old story about a camel being a
> > horse designed by a committee).
> > A tool that delivers visibility and understanding to the decision making
> > process is the goal.
> >
> > What do we think?
> >
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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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