The Story of Stone Soup...

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The following is a good rendition of the story of Stone Soup... find it
The Story of Stone Soup...
Charles Scribner's Sons published this story, as told and illustrated by
Marsha Brown, in 1947:
Three hungry soldiers are returning from war. Stopping in a village, they
ask the villagers for food. Having seen them coming, the villagers have
hidden everything. They tell the soldiers their cupboards are bare.
"Then we'll make stone soup," the soldiers proclaim. They set a big pot to
boil, then place three round stones in the bottom. Intrigued, the villagers
gather around.
"Stones like these will make good soup," says one soldier, "But, oh, if
there were carrots, it would be much better."
"Why, I think I have a carrot or two," says one villager, who runs off, only
to return with an apron filled with carrots.
One by one, the soldiers name ingredients that would make their soup even
better. One by one, the villagers produce them, until a delicious soup has
been made.

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