Error on SLA 250

From: Francisco Gorlero (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 12:54:56 EET

Hello people.

I wanted to know if somebody can help me out with this:

Every once and a while (aprox 3 or 4 timea week), I'm getting on error on our SLA 250. The machine stops building and the following message appears:
"386 MAX Version 7.00

An Aplication has violated system integrity.
A Privileged operation exception at 02AE:03F2 has ocurred in your application.

A program has attempted to use system resources improperly, or to use non-sharable resources already in use. The 386/486 processor has reported this event to us so we may assist you in diagnosting the problem.
Temporarily remove one or more of your device drivers and/or resident programs to find the program in conflict with the recources. Use 386Util/D/M to identify device drivers and resident programs. For reference, the last program to load is C:\3dsys\build\exe.
If a specific vendor's program can be removed to prevent this conflict, please contact that vendor.
Qualitas Technical support is ready to work with you and the vendor to resolve this problem."

When this happens, what I normally do is reboot the machine and try to continue the build from where it stopped.
This is very frustrating. Specially when I'm with a long build where this error ocurrs 3 or 4 time during construction.

Has anyone ever seen this problem or know why this is happening?



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