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From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 07:41:48 EET

You may take a look at DeskArtes 3Data Expert by down-loading an
evaluation copy from

For only US$ 1,200.00 this product offers the following features:

- View & Measure STL Models
- Full Repair & Editing of STL Models
- Scale, Position, Rotate, Mirror & Build Preparation
- Split STL files, Boolean Functions, Adding Pins, Holes, etc.
- Reduce & Refine Triangle Count in STL Models

other optional features include:
- Shelling & Offsetting
- Support Structures
- STL and IGES slicing
- IGES to STL translator
- VDA & CATIA to STL translator

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Michael Tsenter
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bjlyafs wrote:

> Hi!every one, Who know a software being used at RP? For fixing and
> measuring and editing and slicing, and so on.Thanks,Wu Linbo


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