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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 19:23:03 EET

Beste Bart,

Earlier today I replied to the original question without cc-ing to the
rp-ml, however now I cannot resist: your "the only machine" is not
true as DeskProto plus desktop CNC milling machine comes very
close as well. In fact only the Z of the envelope does not fit: the
CPM 4030 machine that we sell has 4.8 " Z instead of 6.
ALL other requirements, including "nice" and "bonus" are met.
The price even is far below the available budget.

So far a small Dutchman-to-Dutchman correspondence on the rp-ml

Tot ziens op de ESEF beurs,

Lex Lennings

At 12:05 PM 20/12/2001, you wrote:
>To my best knowledge the only machine that comes close fulfilling your
>wishes is the Stratasys Prodigy. See
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>From: "Scott Nelson" <>
> > To narrow the field down the machine should be capable of building
> > plastic (prefer ABS - alternately nylon or PVC) parts pretty quickly.
> > A build envelope of 12x x 8y x 6z would be adequate. A price below 40k
> > US$ would also be nice, a table top machine would also be a bonus.

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