From: Cyril Reginald Jegathese (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 05:26:03 EET

The 3DD-2002 is the First International 3D Digitization Workshop being
organized by the Centre for Advanced
Media Technology, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological
University, Singapore. The workshop
will explore the fundamentals of 3D digitization, basic theories and
practices of 3D digitization. The growth
of 3DD applications has been predicted to be exponential and many
research activities are progressing in
various parts of the globe. This workshop provides a platform for
experts to expound and share their success
in applying 3D Digitization in their respective fields of Engineering,
Technology, Arts and Sciences. It also
offers an opportunity for young and aspiring researchers to present
their findings from their on going research
in 3DD methodologies and applications.

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