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Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 06:23:50 EET

Suggestions please: I was doing some research looking for RP service
bureaus in Southern California or elsewhere that have a Conveyed-Adherent
process (as described below) based on sheet (paper) or thin plastic base
material....or secondarily on roll stock which is then cut to length as a
secondary process. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Jim Fallgatter
Tarla Products

33 Automating Sheet-Based Fabrication: The Conveyed-Adherent (TM) Process
Author Charles L. Thomas, Kenneth J. Hayworth
Source Solid Freeform Fabrication Proceedings, 1996, pp 281-290
Abstract A new automated fabrication technology is described which breaks
the fabrication process into spatially separate layer-formation and
layer-bonding stages. The technique uses sheet material on a substrate as
feedstock and cuts cross-section contours into the material before
conveying the material on the substrate to a stacking station. Advantages
include (a) speed, (b) versatility in fabrication materials, and (c)
ability to fabricate hollows, embed or cast secondary materials, and
selectively enhance or degrade material properties on a regional basis. A
prototype fabricator has been built which automates all aspects of this
process except weeding. Applications demonstrated using this machine
include traditional rapid prototyping and visualization-model creation as
well as functional machines taking advantage of embedding and cast-in-place
techniques.(Auth abstract) [References: 8]

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