New Tech.: Concept Laser/ M3 LaserCUSHING module?

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Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 16:01:32 EET

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I could not find any background info about the company from rp-ml arcives. It is unique and interesting that the M3 system employs one laser for three operations (LaserCUSHING/SLS, 3D Eroding and Marking)

The company web site is:

Are there anyone who knows more about that company? Is it a proven and/or commercially available technlogy?

Concept Laser is a division of Hofmann, a large German service bureau. It seems that Hofmann is using one of the M3 systems:


Erkut Negis

Not: Below, you will find a copy of some info from their web site:

One Machine: Three technologies:
M3 linear. The world’s first laser processing unit in modules. The machine consists of the laser station containing the laser and the axles powered by highly dynamic linear motors.
Three technology modules ensure effective time and money savings and make the flexible exchange of technologies possible.

One Laser: Three technologies:
[1] LaserCUSING module for LaserCUSING of one-component metallic powder materials: This process makes it possible to build parts in layers out of almost all metallic materials (e.g. stainless steel powder). In this case, metal powder is completely fused layer by layer, and a 100% density can be achieved. A specially developed exposure strategy makes the generating of even solid and large-volume components possible - free of deformation. A variable focus diameter guarantees the fast formation of components despite the projection of filigree cavities and absolutely sharp contours. Owing to a patented surface finishing process, immediately following the construction process, highest surface quality and hardness are achieved.
[2] 3D Eroding module for 3D material erosion via laser.
[3] Marking module for marking of metals and plastics.

About the Company:
A concept is making waves. In the year 2000, Concept Laser Ltd. was founded in Lichtenfels. Managing Director, Frank Herzog (qualified engineer) and his competent team of young engineers have a vision: The processes in selective laser-sintering are to be optimised. A completely new concept has been developed and a worldwide unique material processing machine has been designed. Frank Herzog has completed research and an intensive analysis of the technology of selective laser-sintering. The Hofmann Group, a name standing for competence and 40 years of experience in the high-tech field of rapid tooling, encouraged the will for innovation and the ideas of the young company. The development of the machine M3 linear has already been patented and further numerous patents have been awarded.

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