Re: Mass Customization

From: Priit Kull (
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 20:24:39 EET


Two healthy presumptions

1. The user is an idiot, who should be kept away from any actual decision
making except giving away its money.

2. Most tricks are not magic, but illusions. The enabling software should
convince him/her that he/she is the cleverest/happiest/nicest/longest...
person around. How is this achieved, with a help assistant that goes
"Poing!" every time the user makes a choise, or some other way, is not

The ideal system should be like some parlour games, where you have to think
out a number, then add something, devide with something and substract
something and then multiply by something and the correct answer is
automagically reached every time, because the initial number has nothing to
do with the end result.

Priit Kull

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