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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 20:02:45 EET

Let's be direct. If you need to improve sales results, it's not going to happen if you
continue to do the same old stuff. You need to change. You need to
be better than last year. You need to be better than the competition.

If you or your company is unable (or unwilling) to do or support the changes that can
only be accomplished by a training program…why bother banging your head against a brick
wall. That's insanity - doing the same and expecting different
results. Today you must change to survive. Customers today do not
respond to the old sales "pitches".

If your company wants to move forward in 2002 and overcome the obstacles and challenges
of the current economic and political events you need to differentiate yourself and your
salespeople by creating value and building or strengthening relationships.

For a "Taste of Sales Training©" come to our Executive Forum.

The Sales Skills - "Right Track©" program is designed to teach you and your people to:

* Focus on creating value * Focus on your progress
* Focus on developing strong relationships * Focus on generating profitable sales
* Focus on your opportunities * Focus on a sense of urgency
* Focus on your strengths * Focus on the actions that will contributes
* Focus on overcoming your challenges to sales success

The world has changed and it's continuing to change rapidly. You can do what you have
always done -

You can join us and learn how to beat the competition and develop a world-class Sales System
and culture.

It's your choice - Stay where you are if that is comfortable - Avoid the pain of change -


Come to our Executive Forum and learn how to train and change to beat the competition.

When you look around and see sales you should be getting, going to the competition, know you
can change that - now!

Registrations for: "Taste of Sales Training©" are in progress now for
our next class next Executive Forum on January 17, 2002.

To register or for more information contact us at (262) 782-2650 or check out our
website at for more details.


James C. Fletcher, III
Sales Dynamics...the Sales Doctors
220 Regency Court, Suite 102
Brookfield, WI 53045
(262) 782-2650

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