RE: Mass Customization? baloney!

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 19:57:29 EET

I have to say something when is mentioned about customization....

When I ordered my T-bird this time last year I got a very limited group of
options to choose from:
Color- limited to red, yellow, black, white, and T-bird blue
no wheel options
no motor choice
hard top yes or no
inside color was all one color or color option which meant it was your car
color plus black (seems like I heard about any color as long as its black
before must have come from the grave) I could not even choose white to go
in my blue car or red.
I can't remember any other options but there might have been one more

I place the order, gave them my check and got no pricing...
march came and still no price quote
may came and I heard rumblings thanks to some nameless employees
June came and I was told my car had been placed on hold
July I got madder than Hades...I first place my check some 1.5 years before
the January of 2001.
I finally got my car on August 15, 2001 and it was t bird green rather than
blue...color does not translate on paper...which is what you got to choose

Would I do it again... only for a once in a lifetime car. My husband and I
wanted a T-bird and we wanted it bad like Katie Couric wanted her red
one. So model and availability matters as well a name branding.

Would I choose to do customized ordering for any other product... NO.

Do I plan to buy another Ford. Yes but this time I'll go to a car lot and
take my chances. I and customize it with my coffee cup, dice for my rear
view and be as happy as can be. I love the T-bird and it was well worth the
problems, the wait and money...but it sure was not customization at all.

Still driving my customized Chrysler...


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