Pervasive Computing Environments

From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 20:31:49 EET

Larry's complaint is a common one. In the current computing world, we are
all obligated to conform ourselves to computers and to learn to be
computer experts. Some people are already opting out. Some other people are
demanding a future in which the computers conform to us. That means
recognizing who we are, remembering our preferences, being proactive in
anticipating our needs, and being capable of making decisions to serve those needs or
to remind us to do something we need to do. Some of that technology is
here today, but it will require a lot more AI and privacy protection than we
have today.

But if it happens, the implications for RP&M could be profound. If I get
in a car wreck, the system will know immediately that I've been in a crash
and which part of the car is damaged. It might ask me if I want to
replace that part automatically, change the design of that part while I'm at it,
forget it, junk the car and get a new car, or wait to make a decision
(until I get out of the hospital). If it knows I've been injured, it will
know which parts.... and it will remind the house robot that I won't be home
and to feed and walk the dog.

Brock Hinzmann
Technology Navigator

Blasch, Larry wrote:
>Steven and list,
>I hereby amend my last statement...
>Besides, a totally customized product won't sell "to the masses" if it's
>more expensive than the standard item.
>I will also add...
>With the computer revolution in the business world, employees are
>to use an ever changing suite of complex software tools to perform their
>jobs. At the same time, our job descriptions have been expanding to
>more functions than ever before. This same revolution extends to the
>educational institutions where research means multi media, not a trip to
>library, and the students are expected to produce presentations in lieu
of a
>term paper. The entertainment industry has evolved into a rapidly
>multifunction, option rich, training ground for the computer user. Even
>the kitchen, everything from the coffee maker to the microwave oven can
>be programmed with a myriad of options that no one can hope to master.
>Our world has become saturated with constantly changing, option rich
>environments that we must attempt to function in.
>At some point the options become too much and we look for simplicity.
>Just my humble opinion.
>Larry Blasch
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