2002 3DSNASUG Important Information !!!!!!!

From: Derek Ellis (derek@ptedistribution.com)
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 23:18:02 EET

To the RP Community,

We need a head count!! Expanding the Sunday tutorials, the quality
breakout sessions, along with our invitation to the SLS and ThermomJet
communities it is very important that we get "our main man" (Tom
Sorvetz) a very accurate head count. Anyone attending this year's
conference please reply to this email. Even if you haven't formally
registered, which is due 1/15/02, reply to me.

Oh yeah, it will cost you an extra $400.00 quid, or whatever equals
$200.00 US dollars if you register after 1/15/02. NO refunds will be
dispursed after 02/01/02.

Thank you,

Derek Ellis
PTE Distribution, Inc.
7233 Adams Street
Willowbrook, IL 60527
630.920.0597 phone
630.920.9762 fax

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://rapid.lpt.fi/rp-ml/

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