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We have 2 Induction furnace for sale.

The 2.5 kW Lepel is a 2.5 kW 5MHz, or 5MHz-8MHz power supply. The Large
Lepel is a 20 kW 450 kHz power supply. They are both solid state power
supplies with a vacuum oscillator tube. The two oscillator coils that
come with the small furnace allow it to oscillate at 5MHz or over a
variable range of 5MHz to 8MHz. The small furnace has a small heating
coil that is attached to it for heating the

Small one could melt about 5 lbs of metal and the large one can melt 50lb
with proper coil and shielding. They are typically used to melt glass,
ceramic or harden metal surfaces.

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Dear List

I am looking for a supplier of a lab-type furnace / oven, capable of melting
up to 50 litres of material at temperatures of up to 350degC (approx.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


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