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Quantum Equities Condensed Market Analysis
EnterNet, Inc. (ETEN - OTCBB)
Rating: Strong Buy

Current Price
 Price: $1.00 52 Week High: $4.10 (07/17/01)
 Target Price $4.25 52 Week Low: $ .80 (11/26/01)
 Price Average 50-day $1.91 Ticker: ETEN (OTCBB)

This Company markets a unique software technology utilizing advanced
programming and communication technologies designed for the complex
needs of business and government, as it relates to the judicial system,
and the growing number of jurisdictions implementing specialty courts.

The Court Manager Suite system - first of its kind in the market - faces
virtually no competition, and has become, even in this short time, the
industry standard. The system is greatly complemented with firewall
protection hardware (NetMind) that acts as a security valve allowing only
one-way access to attorneys, prosecutors, judges, drug treatment specialists,
and a variety of other law enforcement agencies, actively participating in
the cases. This technology completely prevents any unauthorized access -
as a 몊tand alone technology application would prove a valuable revenue
stream - and puts hackers out of business. This is the ultimate key to the
successful flow of such information over today뭩 Inter/Intranets.
The System provides real-time intercommunication and necessary data
flow to the judicial system specializing in drug cases, domestic violence,
child advocacy, family court, mediation, juvenile court, DUI court, animal
advocacy, and traffic court. It has been successfully beta tested in a
number of Florida counties in 2001 and has since signed an agreement
with Hillsboro County; many other states and county agencies as well as
countries abroad have contacted the Company as to the initiation of
additional testing in their jurisdictions. Additionally, the US Department
of Justice, is considering EnterNet뭩 unique system and its universal
Quantum Equities strong buy recommendation is indicative of EnterNet,
Inc.뭩 (ETEN - otcbb) control of its market segment due to lack of competition
within the market sector. This has industry analysts referring to EnterNet
as the next 몀ini-Microsoft.

Quantum Equities
Contributing Analyst: George Playton

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