Metal-based RP for production-grade Rapid Tooling

From: Chang-Shik.Min (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 10:14:49 EET

 Dear all of RP&T professionals: are you doing ? I am a RP&T research engineer of LG Electronics Inc.,Korea.
I have been inquiring into metal-based RP&T approaches like SLS and DMLS closely,in order to make injection molding tools using both CNC machining and metal-based RP.

Let me introduce myself to you briefly,what I have developed so far is CNC machining-based RT technology,which can help expedite prototype and pre-production tooling in a week or less regardless of it complexity and size.
I am very confident that this technology will be the rapidest in delivery,the
best in quality in this world.

To the point,I am sure that my RT technology will be really invincible for the time being,if some metal-based RP technologies are incorporated into this.
With this reason,I would like to look for a highly experienced RP&T service
bureau who is willing to work together with me to establish a next generation RT technology using your metal-based RP technology and experience.

Is there anyone who is interested out there ? I'd like to talk about the details personally.Pls feel free to contact me,any time you want.
Rapidly yours,

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Chang-Shik,Min (Chief Research Engineer)
LG-Production engineering Research Center
LG Electronics Inc.,Republic of Korea
(Phone) +82-31-660-7090,+82-31-667-7424(Home)
(Mobile) +82-19-370-7424
(Fax) +82-31-660-7384


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