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We have done this on occasion with our laser cutter.
It is easy to do s with either FormZ or Rhino without having to go to a
seccond program. Form Z has a single command. Rhino is a little bit more
complicated but not really difficult. Greg Pettengill showed me this I
think. The resulting slicing paths can then be manually arranged on the
stock and the output sent to whatever you are sending it to. We create a
plot file using Winline which is a plotter driver program.

I remember that there are some more sophisticated programs that will do this
but if you don't need to do a whole lot this is a good way.



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We are looking for a software that will slice an STL file with controled and
variable layer thicknesses. This in order to build larger models using a
basic LOM type assembly.
Are there any recommendations for us to look at.

If you have any questions pls give me a call or e-mail.


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