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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 05:49:27 EET

It will have to be a technically oriented school if they are to use them.
Maybe an engineering school or a school that teaches Unix administration.
There is a chance an art school might also be able to use them. You might be
able to find a club at a college that would want them. Good luck.

When we had extra SGIs they became gifts to employees (the HP UX machines
were trashed and the monitors put on PCs :(. If you haven't tried I would
reuse the monitors. Email me if you need to know how to use them on a PC.

If nothing else there is always Ebay.

P.s. I need a CD-ROM for an Octane :)


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Hi, all -

We have some old SGI computers that we have accumulated over our 12 years in the SLA business. We have migrated almost all of our business over to PC's. Do any of you know of schools, governments, charities, etc. that might be interested in a donation of such equipment?

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