Thermal Conductivity on Epoxy Mould

From: Albert Yeoh (
Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 04:59:12 EET


My factory is currently using epoxy resin to make mould (as a tool) for our
production use.

We are facing with the problem that the mould tends to heated up during the
process (the heat source from from the production process which cannot be
eliminated). We will have to wait for the epoxy mould to cool down before
the next process, and this has resulted in a very long process time.

We have some tried several ways to transfer the heat away from the mould but
do not help much :-

1) to make the epoxy mould a "good thermal/heat conductor" by mixing
aluminium powder to the epoxy resin/hardener, etc

2) to fix a cooling plate (with cool water running through) at the bottom of
the epoxy mould

We would like to know if anyone could help us to solve this ?

Thank you very much.


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