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There was a post once on the Z corp site about sifters
I belive the best name for them is vibratory sifter, or vibratory separator.
One supplier that I had bookmarked is LaoSoung which has a nice looking
device at
However it also looks a little expensive for a part time sifter!

I use a fine sieve that I got from a pottery/clay supplier that is sold to
strain glazes. It is nice because it sits on top of a 5 gallon bucket with
no gap which reduces dust. Usually someone on our team who is tired of
watching their computer reboot will do some sifting with this setup. If I
have had a hard day, I pull out a hand held sander or occasionally the hand
jig saw and let it do the vibrating... What the hell, aerospace this is not.
Let me know if you find a good solution.

We routinely just spray our models with Krylon, about 5 coats. This does
not make them nearly as strong as CA or the wax but it does not overcoat the
surface like the wax and sometimes the CA. We have experimented with some
acrylic methods but not too sucessfully.



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Hi rpml.

Does anyone know whether there is an automatic sifter -- vibro sifter or
something like that-- available to recondition the powder.

Any polymer/resin/glue dips under pressure or vaccum that have been
experimented with succesfully?

Any information is valued and appreciated.


michael rees

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