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From: Roger Spielman (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 20:29:39 EET

Years past in the Aerospace Industry, we used a Raytheon SS-500 pulse Yag
Laser to perform welding operations on a similar level with outstanding
results. You may want to contact one of the Laser manufacturers to obtain a
current list of providers.
Roger Spielman
Director, Rapid Manufacture & Tooling
Regale, Inc

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Subject: laser welding ss pins

Little different type of prototyping here - We're developing a small
stainless mechanical device (.177" o.d.) that opens similarly to a scissors
jack. The arms of the device are attached to the body with small stainless
pins (.023" dia x .0625 long).

We're looking for someone with the capability to laser weld these pins for
both the prototype run (10 - 50 pieces). & the initial production run of 500
- 1000 units.

Any takers?

Roy Sheppard, Jr.

Roy Sheppard, Jr. CPMR
Atlantic Technical Components, Inc.
258 Spruce Road
Middletown, NY 10940
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