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From: Erkut Negis (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 18:04:11 EET

Yes, it is very good and I think practically applicable idea.

For example, Yahoogroups has a utility to approve or reject membership applications... In addition to that list moderator or owner has right to give moderation to new (unknown, unproven) members specifically.

However now, to send spam mail, one can easily (automatically) be a member of rp-ml and send them without any modertion.


Erkut Negis

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Perhaps I'm being overly simplistic here, (and talking about something I
know very little about)

But I belong to a British car mailing list that is free of all the porn and
junk mail here on RPML.

It is set up so that submissions from non subscribers of the list aren't

How hard is that to implement?

It also removes attachments.

The porn and junk mail on this list is overwhelming.

RP Scott

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